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The Lyon Hepatology Institute EVEREST, an Institute of Excellence in Biology and Biomedical Research, is opening a call for one Chair of Excellence for a talented, dynamic and motivated investigator to develop an ambitious project in liver pathobiology on one of the following topics: virology, metabolism, oncology, immunology and inflammation, liver regeneration, organ preservation, or bioinformatics and biostatistics. The position will be funded by a program supported by the French National Research Agency call “Chairs of Excellence” and by the Hepatology Institute.

The candidate will join the Lyon Hepatology Institute (see more information: Institute-Synopsis). The Institute has been awarded in 2023 the prestigious “IHU” label (University-Hospital Institute), a French government label for centers of excellence. It aims at addressing current and future challenges of hepatology by integrating basic, translational and clinical research expertise. The Institute strategy is to transfer efficiently new concepts and innovation to the clinic, thus contributing to the cure of chronic liver diseases through affordable and sustainable precision medicine. The Institute aims to ensure the highest standard of care, top-class training, and industrial partnership for efficient transfer of innovations. Its main objectives are to: i) identify novel liver disease pathways, and molecular and cellular mechanisms to discover novel biomarkers and treatment targets, ii) provide new insight into the pathobiology of chronic liver diseases (CLD) through an integrative multi-omics approach, iii) establish a comprehensive blueprint of CLD to enable a personalized management using the emerging targeted therapies; iv) develop and validate innovative therapies to cure liver diseases.

The successful candidate will benefit from an appropriate laboratory space to establish his/her independent group and will have access to state-of-the-art core facilities (omics and single cell NGS platforms, flow cytometry, imaging, BSL2/BSL3 laboratories, and access to patients’ samples).
The Institute of Hepatology is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity. The selection will be based on scientific criteria only. The selected candidate will be offered an attractive start-up package for up to 5-years. The Institute of Hepatology will assist the candidate during the application process for a tenured position at Lyon University or INSERM. The candidate must meet criteria to compete for additional national and international research funding including ERC and/or ATIP/AVENIR grants.

Applications should be submitted in English by March 8th 2024: a CV (2 pages), a short description of achievements and records of self-financing (2 pages), a research project outline (2 pages), 3 recommendation letters.
All information provided by applicants will remain confidential and will be reviewed by the selection committee.
Selection of the candidate by the Lyon Hepatology Institute: March 18th, 2024
Selected candidate will apply to the France 2030 call for proposals “Chairs of excellence in Biology and Health”. See the webpage:
« The Chairs of excellence in Biology and Health measure aims to provide leading researchers of all origins with significant funding to conduct new major projects, over a 5-year period, in France. These
Chairs are either open to researchers already working in a French institution, or researchers working abroad and seeking to create a team or join a research institute in France. They will enable the development of their research programs, and provide leverage to apply to major European calls for proposals. The budget for this call is set at €80 million, for a maximum amount of €2 million per Chair. This call will be subject to 3 rounds per year, namely 40 to 50 Chairs funded. »

Application to the Chairs of Excellence call: submission of a letter of intent by April 23rd 2024; submission of the full proposal September 10th 2024.

How to apply / Contacts: please send your application to
Mrs Catherine Oudin:
Prof Massimo Levrero:
Prof Fabien Zoulim: