Management of persons with hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus infection

The purpose of this report was to cover all of the questions facing patients with HBV and HCV; health, social, ethical and organizational. The recommendations of this report are based on the belief that the approach to HBV and HCV, which until now have been considered chronic diseases whose outcome is potentially serious, can be replaced by that of infections that are easy to control or cure. To take this approach, there were several underlying goals:
Coordinated by Pr Daniel Dhumeaux – Juillet 2015

  • Improve the prevention of hepatitis B and C which is considered to be behind in several domains in France (vaccination of hepatitis B in particular),
  • Describe the steps of management of patients with HBV and HCV in relation to the specific treatment processes and therapeutic strategies, and
  • Defend the values of equality of care and other responses to patients with concrete measures to fight against social inequalities.